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Question Tags

I.  Question Tags

Tags are small questions $\textbf{(auxiliairy + Subject pronoun)}$ that often come at the end of sentences to ask for confirmation.

  1. Affirmative sentences → negative tag
    You are lucky , aren’t you
  2. Negative sentences → Positive tag
    It won’t rain , will it ?
  3. For sentences that do not have auxiliaries ; we use do/does/did depending on the tense of the entence and the subject.
    She loves me , doesn’t she?
    Students wash my car , don’t they?
    He drank a lot , didn’t he ?

$\textbf{Particular cases}$
        I am → aren’t?
        Eg: I am crazy , aren’t?
        Let us…..→ shall we?
        Eg: Let us dance reggae, shall we?
        For commands→will you?
        Eg: Stop chatting , will you? Don’t disturb me ,will you?

NB 1: if the sentence contains adverbs like: rarely, scarcely, never, the tag becomes positive.

Eg: -he never comes to school, does he?

     - They rarely came late, did they?

NB 2: if the subject of the sentence is : nobody, people, somebody, noone... the subject of the tag becomes they

Eg: - People like good marks, don't they?

      - Nobody came yesterday, do they?

NB 3: if the suject of the sentence is :something, this, nothing.... the suject of the tag is it

Eg: -  Something is not correct, is it?

       - Nothing is correct, is it?

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