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Past Simple

I.  Formation

We use the past simple /Present  to express past actions/events particularly woken they occured at a specifie moment use of adverbes as yesterday, ago.

Eg : - I was at the market yesterday

       - Alex called me two days ago.

  1. Past of  to be

NB : to be in the past is was / were.

        Use was for singular subject, were for plural subject.

  1. Past simple of ordinary verbs
  • Affirmative form

         - Regular verb : S + V + ed + C

         Eg : They played again.

        -  Iregular verb : S + Preterit of the verb + C

        Eg : To go I went home.

               To know he knew the answer.

  • Interrogative form

         We use the auxiliary did (the verb takes thes the infinitive form to).

         Structure : did + S + V + C + ?

         Eg : I asked money did I aske money ?

               She went home did she go home ?

               We studied in group did we study in group ?

  • Negative form

         We use did (the verb takes the infinitive form to)

         Eg : I spoke french I did not speak french.

                He tried a pot He didn't try a pot.

  • Interronegative form

         We use did (the verb takes the infinitive form to)

         Structures : - did + S + not + V + C + ?

                             - didn't + S + V + C + ? 

         Eg : He greeted us  did he not greet us ?

                He carried my bike  didn't he carry my bag ?

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