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Simple future

I.  formation

    We generally form the simple future by doing:

1- Affirmative form

S( I, we,they)+ shall+ V+ C   / S( he ,she,it,you)+ will+V+C

ex: -Moussa will come tomorrow

     -I shall clean the board

2- Negative form

S( I, we,they)+ shall not+ V+ C   / S( he ,she,it,you)+ will not+ V+C

ex:-Moussa will not come tomorrow.

     -I shall not clean the board.

3- Intrrogative form

Shall/will+ S+V+C+?

ex:- will Moussa clean the board?

     - shall I come tomorrow?

NB: will can be used with all the persons. 

ex: I will clean the board

     -We will be there on time.

Remarque: the negative contracted form of : 

"shall not" is "shan't" and the negative contracted form of "will not" is "won't"


II.  use

we use the simple future to talk about coming actions or events that have not arrived yet.

ex: we shall sit for our examination in june

     The teacher will come next week

NB: other use of the simple future:

- we use shall with the pronoun "we and I" to ask for permission or check a confirmation

ex: shall I clean the board?

-We use won't to express a refusal.

ex: I won't do that.

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