Chapitre 8: Since-For-Ago - Anglais Troisième | DigiClass
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I.  Since-For-Ago

A.  Ago (Il y’a)

Ago is used to express a finished action in the past and it is used with $\textbf{the simple past tense.}$

$\textbf{NB:}$   Ago $\textbf{always}$ comes at the $\textbf{end of the sentence.}$


  • I saw him three years ago.
  • He ate cookies two days ago.

B.  For(depuis)

$\textbf{For}$ expresses the duration , the length of an action. Contrarily to ago, it is used with the present perfect, the past perfect, the present perfect continuous and the past perfect continous.

 Ex :

  • He has listened to reggae music for two hours. 
  • I have been teaching English for ten years .
  • We have  done this exercise for two hours.

C.  Since(depuis)

$\textbf{Since}$ expresses the beginning of an action. It is usually precised and it is used with the present perfect or the present perfect continuous.

Ex :

  • I have lived here $\textbf{since}$ October 2014
  • She has been washing dishes $\textbf{since}$ her chilhood.

Some expressions are sometimes used with $\textbf{since:}$

$\textbf{since}$ their wedding, $\textbf{since}$ the biginning of the year, $\textbf{since}$ his/her childhood etc.